Build Stronger Faith– Christian Accompaniment Tracks

Often times when I write these articles about Christian accompaniment tracks, they are geared mostly towards serious singers. In all seriousness, most of our customers are serious singers who buy our tracks for a myriad of reasons. They typically are looking for tracks to practice with when they aren’t with their church band, some don’t have a band to perform or practice with and some people are just very serious hobbyist singers who love to sing praise to the lord. In this article, we would like to take a step away from our core audience and discuss other ways and other groups of people could benefit from using these backing tracks.

Being A Christian Takes Practice

Would an odd title, right? It is absolutely true. Being a Christian is something that takes practice. You must change who you were and become something better. For many of use that is a struggle and something that we work really hard at. One way to build and develop stronger Christians is through fellowship and what better way to fellowship and keep a Christ focused life than singing praises to and for the lord? On alternative way that some church groups are using Christian accompaniment tracks is at small get togethers where they do a sort of karaoke with all Christian music. They do this with their young adult programs, their youth ministry and even with their seniors. It is a great way to fellowship, develop relationships, stay away from the world and have a great time.

Out our vacation bible school, we had a sleepover where we used accompaniment tracks and sang songs of praise with our youth group. Everyone had a great time, it wasn’t all serious but it was pure and we all left knowing each other a little bit more.

The entire point is that these tracks aren’t just for people with great voices who have a ton of talent, they are for anyone who wants to sing. I know that there are a lot of people who love music but they can’t sing. The funny thing is that anyone can sing, anyone. It just takes practice and learning good technique. Hop on youtube and watch a few video lessons, get a track of your favorite Christian song and give it ago. Your singing will improve and you will have a new hobby that enriches your life.

So, singing is for everyone, accompaniment tracks can be used in all types of different ways. You can get really creative with how you use them, you can create a Christian karaoke club and build a stronger church, deeper bonds and keep each other on the straight and narrow. So they aren’t just for super talented people, for performers, for serious singers or all the things that most of you are not. There is joy in being untalented, loving something, giving it your all and experience every little bit of improvement as you sing songs of praise to the lord.

Christian Accompaniment Tracks

Use Christian Accompaniment Tracks To Improve

You Don’t Have The Right Tools

A common thing that happens with people who love to sing Christian music is that they simply do not have the right tools to get the most out of their talent. This can mean many things but in the scope of this article let’s focus on all the Christian songs that you want to sing that require other musicians. Most people do not have access to other musicians, they don’t have a band or either band members can’t always make it to practice. When this happens you need to invest in Christian accompaniment tracks because they will allow you to practice anytime you want and even perform without a band.

Can’t I Just Sing Without Music?

This is something that many people ask and the answer is, yes, you can do that. Many people practice solo without any music to guide them and what happens when they finally are with a band is that they have tons of issues singing in time, coming in at the right point and staying with the flow of the song. Even when you have access to a band, you still need to put in some solo singing practice and Christian accompaniment tracks are perfect for that and will prepare you for singing with a band.

Use Them In A Performance

Hey, we don’t all have access to a church band or musician friends who can back up and when that happens we have to take things into our own hands. The best way to do this is to use high quality accompaniment tracks that you can perform live with and practice with. This is the perfect option for many people and also means that every time they sing they will have the perfect track that is in time.

Another advantage of these tracks is that you can purchase them in any key. We all know the pain of trying to sing a song that is in the wrong key for us. With a live band you can have them change the key for you but some musicians can’t do that and you might not have a band to practice with. Buying tracks to sing with that are in the perfect key for you is a great way to practice and perform. It will make your life a lot easier and save your voice.

As you can see, there are several different reasons why so many singers are using Christian accompaniment tracks to aid their singing. It is the perfect tool for all sorts of singers. From hobbyist, to serious amateurs, to singers who work with bands and for those who do not have a band. These tracks are perfect for practice and performing. You can find thousands of songs, in all different keys and from all genres of Christian music. Go ahead and buy your first track and see how well it works and how it helps you to become a much better singer.

Accompaniment Tracks

Purchase Christian Accompaniment Tracks

The Hardest Thing As A Soloist

Soloist have a hard time working on their gift. You want to sing many different songs from old hymns to contemporary music that you hear on Christian radio stations but the problem is that your church band isn’t always available to you, maybe you don’t even have a church band at all, you could simply be someone who loves to sing– It doesn’t matter why you want to sing songs to the lord, what matters is that you have all the tools you need to do a great job. Accompaniment tracks are the tool that you need to perfect your craft and to get the most out of the gift of singing that the lord has blessed you with.

Makes Practicing Easier

Perfect practice makes perfect, that is what my high school choir teacher use to tell use all the time. You perform how your practice. For many Christian singers, they do not have the right tools to practice singing, they don’t have access to a band when they want to sing, they don’t have music to sing with so everything they practice is without music, the solution to this problem is to use accompaniment tracks so that you can practice and perform without a band. It is the one practice tool that all Christian singers should invest in to perfect their gift.

Tracks In Many Different Keys

Here’s a huge problem that many singers have, they have a great voice, they love to sing, more importantly they love to sing for the lord, but one issue is that they can’t find a band to sing with or they can’t find Christian accompaniment tracks in a key that works with their vocal range. That is not a problem when you buy accompaniment musics from us. We have them in all keys so that anyone can sing their heart out in their ideal key and not be forced to sing outside of their range.

Use In Worship

Not all churches are big and can afford to hire music directors like larger churches. There’s no reason why these churches shouldn’t be able to praise the lord. With accompaniment tracks for CHristian music, you no longer have to use not having a church band or musicians as an excuse why you cannot perform all of your favorite gospel and Christian contemporary songs. Churches even use these tracks as general filler music without needing a singer as well. Take a look at the huge catalog of songs and know that this is the perfect tool to improve the worship service and experience at your truck.


As you probably already know, Christian accompaniment tracks are a must for any soloist, music director or church that is serious about making music for the lord. Accompaniment tracks can be used in many different ways. They can be used to help a soloist practice without having to have a complete ensemble of musicians, it is great for learning new songs and it is great for small churches who cannot afford musicians. You can buy accompaniment tracks for Christian music online.